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- Silverlight Web Conferencing System (WCS) Pro
- Silverlight Web Conferencing System (WCS) Pro Plus
- Silverlight Web Messenger System (WMS)
- Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Video/Voice Client .NET SDK
- System Requirements
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WCS 3.1 Pro With Silverlight 5 – Features:

- Full Silverlight In/Out of Browser application
- Multi Public/Private Conferencing Rooms
- Conferencing/Private Modes for Voice/Video/Text/Drawing Chatting
- Desktop Presenter System
- Files Sharing System
- Video Image Quality Controller
- Voice Chat With Speex Codec for better performance and quality
- Supports Working on Windows and MAC OS
- Suitable to Work on WAN/LAN Networks
- Unlimited Support Period to download the new versions and updates

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WCS 3.1 Pro Plus – Features:

WCS Pro Plus has all features of WCS Pro With Rooms/Users Control Panel and allows you to:

- Add/remove/manage rooms and roles permissions.

- grant a special permission for each user role to allow/disallow speaking,text chatting, webcam sharing, files uploading, whiteboard drawing, also to kick out or ban a user.

- Create private rooms, you can do that by adding a new role then granting it to special users so only the granted users can see and join that room.

- Manage all views’ Contents, so all boxes “containers” visibility in the room can be managed by the system admin for each room role.

- Create a Room with the option to request registered users through the login required checkbox if you would like to invite a user to join to a room without a need to enter his username and password just create a room and uncheck (Login required) checkbox then send him the invitation URL which will appear after you adding the room.

Special offer: if you buy WCS Pro Plus product source code, you will get both WCS Pro and WMS products source code for free.

Online Demo - To test the Control Panel Please contact us

New SocketCoder Web Messenger System (WMS) 1.1 – Features:

- Full Silverlight In/Out of Browser Client application
- Multi Public/Private Rooms
- One to All Voice Broadcasting
- One to One Voice/Video Calling System
- One to One and One to All Text/Drawing Chatting System
- Unlimited Talkers on each room to unlimited listeners
- Video Quality Controller

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VoIP/Video SIP Client Agent SDK for .NET: it allows you to make Windows SIP .NET video based soft-phone.

The SIP SDK Features:
- Supports SIP VOIP Calls (PC-to-PC and PC to any SIP based device or application on any platform).
- Supports many Voice Codecs (G.711,G.729,G.723.1,iLBC,GSM).
- Supports many Video Codecs ( H.263 and H.264).
- Audio/Video Quality Controller is included.
- Can work with any SIP VOIP Server.

Note: This product can work with any SIP server like brekeke SIP Server or any other SIP based server.

To Test The VOIP/Video SIP Client SDK Please contact us

System Requirements:

Server Requirements For WCS/WMS Products:
- Dual Core or higher 64bits Architecture CPU
- 2GB or higher RAM (4GB is recommended)
- VPS or Dedicated Server With a Static IP
- Windows 2008 R2 Server or Higher (2012 is recommended)
- MS SQL Server 2008 R2 or Higher (2012 is recommended)
- IIS 7 or Higher
- Install WCF RIA Services framework (Free from Microsoft) :
- Install .NET Framework 4 (Free from Microsoft)

Client Requirements For WCS/WMS Products:
- Dual Core or higher CPU
- 2GB or higher RAM
- MS Windows XP/7/8 or Apple Mac 10.X or higher
- Install the last version of Silverlight 5 (Free from Microsoft)
- WebCam/Microphone

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Prices and Offers:

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